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Finance Calculator Pro

Finance Calculator Pro on the Apple AppStore

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Finance Calculator Pro Product's Info

Finance Calculator Pro Product's Blog

Finance Calculator Pro is an universal application for iPhone and iPad giving ordinary users a quick way to estimate credit parameters and evaluate performance of deposits without help of banking professionals. The program also provides a detailed calculation report in graphical and tabular forms, which can be printed or sent via e-mail for further processing.

Read more on the product page here.

Spiral Painter Aura

Spiral Painter Aura on the Apple AppStore

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Spiral Painter Aura Product's Info

Spiral Painter Aura Product's Blog

Spiral Painter Aura - Colorful Aura of Your Name

Draw a wonderful geometric figure of your name, nickname, company name or the word that describes you. WITH TODAY EXTENSION!

Choose the word for your design. For each word you can try 100 different combinations. At the end you will get a unique piece of incredible art representing your name which you can export in high quality. Use it as your signature, create amazing wallpapers, share it with friends or print it on personalised products, such as T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, canvases to make your own individual presents.

Switch to the screen saver mode (available after purchase 'Remove Ads'), you can relax contemplating changing spiral-patterns.

Read more on the product page here.

Loan Calc +

Loan Calc + on the Apple AppStore

Loan Calc + Product's Info

Loan Calc + Product's Blog

Loan Calc + is the financial iPhone/iPad application from RaptLook.

This application helps you to calculate different types of loan and to build payment plans. You can also compare your conditions with closer and similar calculations. This helps you to get a better overview of the loan before you go to the bank.

Read more on the product page here.

Spiral Corrector

Spiral Corrector on the Apple AppStore

Spiral Corrector on Facebook

Spiral Corrector Product's Info

Spiral Corrector Product's Blog

Spiral Corrector is not just another Spiral painting toy. It is more!

This iPhone/iPad application is targeted for the people who want to: improve penmanship and make their handwriting accurate and nicer, exercise the hands and fingers motility (gross and fine motor skills) and learn how to draw spirals.


You can use different painting speed during training process.

Variety of spirals can be created by combining different colors, thickness and calligraphy effects of the pen, as well as by changing the wheels and their holes.

You'll be amazed with your achieved results!

Read more on the product page here.

Rotor Space Edition

Rotor Space Edition on the Apple AppStore

Rotor Space Edition Product's Info

Rotor Space Edition Product's Blog

Rotor Space is the first iPhone game application from RaptLook.

The GOAL of the game: Try to balance the ball on the wheel and do not let it touch side holders during the time allotted. To do this, simply tilt your iPhone left or right. This way you control the speed and rotation of the wheel and, in one’s turn the ball on it.

Read more on the product page here.

Work Hours Agent

Work Hours Agent on the Apple AppStore

Work Hours Agent on Facebook

Work Hours Agent Product's Info

Work Hours Agent Product's Blog

Work Hours Agent helps to keep track of your work hours in order to simplify overtime claim!

Also this iPhone/iPad App provides you companion Apple Watch & Today extensions for easy use, so you can have quick access to its functions from any place.

Read more on the product page here.

Spiral Painter

Spiral Painter on the Apple AppStore

Spiral Painter on Facebook

Spiral Painter Product's Info

Spiral Painter Product's Blog

Spiral Painter is an universal iPhone/iPad painting application.

The process of painting has never been so easy and exciting!

Now, besides the usual brush you can use a spiral brush. With it you can draw such paintings, which can't be reproduced with another doodle or sketch programs! Have a look at the pictures posted on the App's Product and Facebook pages.

Combining the different settings of the spiral brush with its unique features: customizable color spectrum and calligraphic pen effect, you will be able to draw millions of fancy curves that decorate you drawings and photographs.

Read more on the product page here.

mTrainer Pro

mTrainer Pro on the Apple AppStore

mTrainer Pro on Facebook

mTrainer Pro Product's Info

mTrainer Pro Product's Blog

mTrainer Pro (also known as Memory Trainer Pro before) is an addictive and expanding collection of games for iPhone and iPad designed to help you to improve the instantaneous memorization skills of your brain.

This game is easy to learn, but hard to master. Going through the different levels over and over will help you effectively exercise the right hemisphere of your brain in order to enhance your memory and concentration.

Each game in this collection has 15 levels with increasing complexity. Levels are generated randomly so you can play them multiple times without being bored with the game.

Read more on the product page here.

Germany Naturalisation Test +

Germany Naturalisation Test + on the Apple AppStore

Germany Naturalisation Test + Product's Info

Germany Naturalisation Test + Product's Blog

Germany Naturalisation Test + is the iPhone educational application from RaptLook.

The new naturalisation test has began on 1 September 2008 in Germany. This test is carried out by the Federal Office in conjunction with adult education centres.

The GOAL of the application is to help preparing to the test for you and the whole family.

Read more on the product page here.

Baby Gender Prognosis

Baby Gender Prognosis on the Apple AppStore

Baby Gender Prognosis Product's Info

Baby Gender Prognosis Product's Blog

Baby Gender Prognosis is an iPhone/iPad healthcare and lifestyle application.

This application offers different ways of predicting the gender of the child, in particular: ancient Chinese table (calendar) - also allows you to choose a favorable month for conceiving a boy or girl (probability ~ 90%); using the "refresh" cycle of the parents' blood (probability ~ 60%); looking at the blood group of the parents (probability ~ 50%) and lastly looking at the Rh factor of the parents (probability ~ 50%).

In addition to planning the sex of the child, you can compare the above methods with existing parents, friends and siblings, to form your own credibility to this or that technique.

Read more on the product page here.

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